Visions of US

Netflix’s Con todo channel

visions of Us mini Documentary

Join us in uplifting the images. the artists, the stories — The Visions of Us.

This four-part mini documentary takes a look back and pushes the conversation to highlight pivotal LGBTQ+ Latine moments in TV & Film.

  • Kase Pena Director
  • Devyn Galindo Director of Photography
  • Mike Stacey Production
  • Video Assets
  • Social Assets
  • Production
  • Netflix
Visions of Us Trailer

LGBTQ+ Latine Representation in front of and Behind the Camera

Captured as a mix of on-location and remote production, HSTL partnered with Netflix to bring together 23 Latine voices across television and film — speaking to the power of representation in media.

Understanding that the story-tellers are just as important as the story, we are proud to have built a crew centered around inclusivity and diversity from the ground up.

Visions of Us Gallery